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 I got this from a friend who lives in Nashville now and after verifying with a friend who lives in San Angelo and his daughter attended the rodeo and said it was indeed true, she was there, I thought I'd send on to you.

God bless San Angelo, Texas!

At the San Angelo Rodeo last Wednesday...


At the San Angelo Rodeo last Wed night they had a mid-time act between two sections of Saddle Bronc riding, where they announced Carlos Ortega, Reigning World Champion Trick Roper, 6-time all northern hemisphere Champ and Latin American champ numerous times in his illustrious career. There were props laid around the small fold-open, plywood stage, ie. several coils of rope, bags, etc. on the arena floor. The coliseum lights go black, and a spot hits the bucking chutes, and out trots this tall, lean figure draped in a very large serape and a huge wide and tall straw Mexican sombrero. The announcer lauds and praises the accomplishments of this guy and all of the rodeos he has performed at and then he asks him what his first trick will be. The figure, whose face has been hidden by the huge sombrero, replies in English that he doesn't speak Spanish.... (audience laugh)


Then the announcer asks him if he speaks Spanish. He replies with a matador flourish of the hand, in English, "Taco Bell!" (bigger audience laugh)


Then the announcer, who is on horseback in the arena with this guy, rides into the light and starts getting on his case about not being a class act as he had introduced him. He asked the guy if he could he do any tricks at all?

The guy, rips off his sombrero and drops his serape in the dirt and he's all decked out in 1950's black with white cuffs and socks and a little black derby. He is immediately recognized as the main rodeo clown. (big laugh) He does a little "John Travolta" dance, moving and shaking... (another audience



The announcer says to him that he doesn't know him that well, but is pretty sure he's not the trick roper who was introduced. In fact the announcer says, "Actually, you're just a fake, wannabe. Heck, you're just an imposter!

What have you got to say for yourself pretending to be a celebrated Mexican World Champion Trick roper?"


The clown said, " Well, actually I was thinking if a black imposter can pretend to be President of the United States, then I ought to be able to pretend I'm a World Champion Trick Roper!!" (no audience laugh!!!!,,,,,, but an immediate deafening roar and standing ovation- 6000 strong)


You can not believe the ROAR of the audience. It lasted for 3-4 minutes...

on their feet, everyone was hollering!!  I mean deafening.... 100+ db at least...


Neither the announcer nor the clown had anticipated that kind of response.... They finally collected themselves and went on with the skit...

The clown turned out to be an excellent trick roper!! The black guy we're still finding out...... well, not so much.......


I just wanted to let you know that the winds of change are fluttering about, according to a core, pro-American sample population of 6,000 cowboys and assorted followers in West Texas. Times will be changing...






from : Cotton Elliott, Sheriff, King County, TX