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Headline: Bentsen, Krueger on tour; Hutchison in Dallas
Byline: Sam Attlesey, David Jackson
Publication Date: 05/23/1993 12:00:00 AM
Publication Info: Page: 22A; Section NEWS; Zone: ; Edition: HOME FINAL
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Credit: Staff Writers of The Dallas Morning News
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Lloyd Bentsen and the Democrat who replaced him in the U.S. Senate,

Bob Krueger, campaigned together Saturday as Republican candidate Kay

Bailey Hutchison extolled her record on womens' issues at a rally in


   Mr. Bentsen, who resigned to become treasury secretary, said Texas

must keep a Democrat in the Senate to protect the state's interests. He

praised Mr. Krueger as a man of "guts, grace and vision.'

   Mr. Krueger and Ms. Hutchison meet in a June 5 runoff to complete

for the 1 1/2 years left in Mr. Bentsen's term.

   In stops from East Texas to the Rio Grande Valley, Mr. Bentsen and

Mr. Krueger noted the importance of having a Democratic senator because

that party controls the White House and Congress.

   "I'm not here just to help Bob Krueger get elected to the United

States Senate,' Mr. Bentsen said at union hall in Tyler. "I'm here to

help Texas because that is what is important.'

   Both men said  a Democrat is needed to help keep Texas military

bases open, improve health care and ensure continued funding of certain

projects, such as the Superconducting Super Collider being built near


   "It's darned important,' Mr. Krueger told about 200 union members.

He said Republicans already have "their' representative in the Senate

-- referring to Texas Sen. Phil Gramm -- and "by gosh, we need ours.'

   Mr. Krueger, whom Gov. Ann Richards named to the Senate vacancy,

said he wanted to continue "part of Lloyd Bentsen's legacy' of

"securing and protecting federal projects and jobs for Texas.'

   Referring to Mr. Krueger's latest strategy of portraying himself as

a "lousy politician,' Mr. Bentsen said, "What that means is he hasn't

learned to straddle the fence and keep his ear to the ground at the

same time. There's nothing slick about Bob.  . . . But he is a very

effective senator.'

   For her part, Ms. Hutchison said Mr. Bentsen's appearances with Mr.

Krueger probably won't affect the election.

   "I don't think anybody, frankly -- not the most popular person or

the least popular person -- really affects how people vote in an

election,' she said.

   In her speech at the Dallas Apparel Mart, Ms. Hutchison called on

feminist Gloria Steinem and some Hollywood-based supporters of Mr.

Krueger to apologize for "sleazy' comments about the Republican


   Ms. Steinem, the founder of Ms. magazine, attacked Ms. Hutchison's

stands on abortion and family-leave policies during a visit Friday in

Dallas on behalf of Mr. Krueger. Ms. Steinem called  Ms. Hutchison "a

female impersonator.'

   Ms. Hutchison said in a statement that Ms. Steinem doesn't know her

record, "but ignorance is no excuse for her sleazy remark, and I resent

her coming down from New York City just to sling mud for Mr. Krueger,

who's failed miserably himself at that same task for the last four


   Ms. Hutchison, the state treasurer, said that she supports a

special scholarship for mothers at the University of Texas and that as

a  legislator she supported laws to improve the treatment of rape

victims and require garnishment of wages to pay late child support.

   If elected to the Senate, Ms. Hutchison said she would seek to end

what she described as a bias against homemakers in Individual

Retirement Accounts. Currently, workers can put as much as $2,000 a

year into tax-free IRAs, but people who do not work outside the home

are limited to $250.

   Ms. Hutchison and her staff took offense at pro-Krueger commercials

featuring television stars Annie Potts and Cybill Shepherd.

   "When Kay Bailey Hutchison says she's a different kind of

politician, don't believe it,' Ms. Potts said in a radio spot. "The

record shows she's just the same old thing in a skirt.'

   Ms. Hutchison's communications director David Beckwith said  Mr.

Krueger should "rein in his character assassins by telling them to

stick to the facts and drop the personal smears.'

    Ms. Hutchison said her position on abortion is a moderate one. She

opposes government intervention in the abortion decision until the

fetus becomes viable and supports restrictions such as waiting periods

and parental notice. She also said she supports family leave but

believes that government should encourage it through tax credits rather

than mandates.