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I pulled the information I sent from the AEIS report. Maybe the years
are different. Here's the way the number I sent was calculated:

Turnover Rate for Teachers (District Profile only): This percent shows
the total FTE count of teachers from the fall of 2008-09 who were
subsequently not employed in the district in the fall of 2009-10,
divided by the total teacher FTE count for the fall of 2008-09. Social
security numbers for teachers employed in the district in the fall of
2008-09 were checked to verify their employment status in the same
district in the fall of 2009-10. Staff who remained employed in the
district but not as teachers were also counted toward teacher turnover.
(Source: PEIMS, Oct. 2009, Oct. 2008)

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Thanks on 12 percent. I saw 15 percent in Snapshot 2009.

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On 12/17/2010 1:36 PM, Ratcliffe, Debbie wrote:
> Not yet. The best/only thing I have so far is the overall turnover
> Turnover Rate For Teachers: 11.8%