From:                              Ashford-Grooms, Meghan (CMG-Austin)

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To:                                   Ashford-Grooms, Meghan (CMG-Austin)

Subject:                          "Un-American" for the Poor to Vote?


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Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 3:22 PM
Subject: "Un-American" for the Poor to Vote?

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I’m sure you remember the outrage and havoc that the King Street Patriots - a Republican Tea Party affiliate - caused when they deployed their so called “poll watchers” to harass and intimidate voters at minority polling sites in Houston.

Yesterday, in an almost gleeful admission that folks who tend to vote Democratic should be denied their fundamental right to vote, this Tea Party group held a Houston fundraiser featuring Matthew Vadum. Yes, the ultra-rightwing author who believes that “registering the poor to vote is un-American.”

The Texas Democratic Party is currently in the midst of a major legal battle against this extremist Tea Party front group. You can help us keep fighting them in court by making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more.

It’s fitting that the group whose sole purpose is to harass and intimidate voters who don’t look like them would feature a right-wing extremist who thinks poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Sadly, this group that’s hell bent on disenfranchising American citizens is not an anomaly in today’s Republican Party.

Now the King Street Patriots are recruiting one million “poll watchers” to expand their voter suppression operation to a national program they are calling “True the Vote.” Well, one thing is true, by bringing in snake oil salesmen like Vadum, the King Street Patriots are making it clear this has nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the process and everything to do with suppressing legitimate voters.

And another thing that’s true is that the Texas Democratic Party is the only group fighting them.

We’ll never stop fighting for you.


Boyd L. Richie
Boyd L. Richie
on behalf of Your Texas Democratic Party



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