Subject: Re: TDA Regions/Gas Pumps
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 14:23:53 -0500
From: Vince Leibowitz <>
To: Gardner Selby <>

Both. Some pumps have not been inspected within the legally allowed four years. Some have not been inspected at all. Every situation is different. There are some gas stations that have never been inspected; other gas stations haven't been inspected in the required four year time period. Some haven't been inspected since Perry was Ag Commissioner. That's how bad the problem is. 

As to the information to support the claim that gas pumps in every TDA region of the state are out of inspection, etc. Please find listings for TDA Regions 1-4 below. I thought Hank coming home this afternoon, but I misread the schedule and he is on his way to Houston, and I cannot get you Region 5 until he returns as it is not in my personal possession. 

For those regions we haven't held press conferences in, we are releasing only one or two locations per TDA region

Also, with regard to the unofficial inspection stickers, when I spoke to Hank about this again today, he advised that he intended to say Murphy's Gas Stations (the ones at Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs), Shell, and Valero and not Brookshire's and HEB. 

While HEB and Brookshires use service companies (HEB actually has its own staff that does it and has their machines calibrated by TDA), the stickers he was referring to are used by Murphy's, Shell stations, Valero stations, and dozens of other gas chains across the state. He did not recall specifically saying HEB and Brookshires, but advises that, when he gave that speech, he had been traveling all night from event to event, was tired, and clearly misspoke. The video has not been visible online for well over a month. We took it down after the Staples' campaign stole copyrighted material from that video.


Here are the first few pumps we mentioned in our Amarillo press conference last week: 

1.       Stop-N-Save 908 E Amarillo Blvd 79107 2ndQtr 2005
2.       Loveís Truck Stop 8615 Canyon Dr. 79118 No stickers
3.       J-N-B Quickshop Central and River Rd 2ndQtr 2006
4.       Flying J Truck Stop 9601 E I40 79118 No Inspection
5.       United Supermarket 5601 Amarillo Blvd. W No Stickers
6.       Taylorís Food Mart` 4434 S. Western 79109 4thQtr 2004
7.       Toot N Totum 4631 S Western 79109 No Inspections

Region 2: 

Here are a few pumps from our press conference in Tyler a few weeks ago (note: TDA blitzed Tyler after our press conference, and most of these are now in compliance):

Mini Mart 2431 ESE Loop 323 Tyler EXPIRED/1997/2003
Kyleís Kwik Stop/Valero 6288 U.S. 271 Tyler 2006/EXPIRED STICKERS
Fuel Plus Gentry Parkway @ SH 271 Tyler NO CURRENT INSPECTION/NO STICKERS

Region 3 

Super Z Food Mart                             Hwy. 19  Trinity, Tx.                          2nd qtr., 2004 exp.

Region 4 

Shell                                                    IH35/Hwy. 79  Round Rock, Tx.       uninspected

Wag-A-Bag Shell                                1200 IH 35 South  Austin, Tx.           uninspected

Region 5 


On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 12:26 PM, Gardner Selby <> wrote:
I am back on this today. If you have information, I am interested.

Is Hank Gilbert saying the pumps he's seen have not been inspected within the legally allowed four years -- or not at all -- or something else? It's not clear in the Tyler video.