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Subject: RE: Thanks, Selby at PolitiFact Texas
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 11:07:19 -0500
From: Sam Anderson


In response to your earlier questions I have learned the following:

1. We do not attach any certification stickers. That is done by the
Department of Agriculture. We do not have our own certification sticker
that we attach.

2. We do not calibrate our own pumps. We hire a third-party to do it.
Then TDA inspects it and issues the sticker if it passes. If it does
not, we hire the third-party to fix it and it is inspected again before
the sticker is issued.

3. We have approximately 400 dispensers in Texas.

4. One of the third parties we use is ATC Associates. We did hire them
to check all our pumps in Texas earlier this year, even though it was
not required of the TDA.

5. I do not have statistics on how often a pump doesn't pass inspection,
but it is rare.

Hope that helps