... the criminal conviction record of our opponent is applicable and relevant.  So too is his long record of convictions for tax evasion, unsafe driving etc.  In other words, there is a patter of not abiding by law or being honest.

This is not a subjective attribution, it is a matter of public record which PolitiFACT must put into the context of any accusation made by this candidate or his campaign.

The democrat candidate for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture  has a criminal conviction for theft, has multiple years of unpaid taxes, has multiple tax liens and fines, unsafe driving convictions, has recently been accused of taking a bribe and is on record lying to the press this year about his criminal record. He is guilty of repeat law breaking and guilty of not telling the truth which is why the public documentation of his guilty lawbreaking and guilty deceit can be viewed on the www.guiltyguiltygilbert.com website or by viewing public records in Smith County.