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1998-99 =  3,945,367

2009-10 =  4,824,778

MARCH 16, 2011, 2:49 pm:

Here is the 09-10 definition of Auxiliary staff:

  Auxiliary staff includes all staff that do not have a specific ROLE-ID.
Auxiliary staff includes such employees as food service workers, cafeteria
monitors, school crossing guards, security guards, clerks (such as
attendance, purchasing, accounting, payroll, general office, file, mail),
receptionists, secretaries, maintenance workers (bus, plant, etc.),
groundskeepers, bus drivers, custodial staff, data processing key entry
personnel, delivery personnel (mail, equipment, etc.), aides to the school
nurse, and library aides.  These are employees who do not fit the
description in any role code, including 058 and 080.

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PEIMS Definitions Here are the definitions as verified by the PEIMS staff:

Other Camp Prof.  Personnel =  
058   Other Campus Professional Personnel
 Serves as a professional staff member at one or more campuses.  (Do not use this role unless no other role applies to the staff member.)

 Some examples of staff who are to be shown with this role are:
 •   campus/community liaisons
•      campus volunteer coordinators •      information technology staff assigned to a campus •      dean and •      instructional officers assigned to a campus  

Other Non-Instr District =   
080   Other Non-instructional District Professional Personnel
 Assign this role to district staff who are professional-level, non-instructional staff who cannot be classified in any other role regardless of where assigned.  Physical work location is not a determining factor.
 The position does not involve supervising or controlling curriculum, programs, or professional personnel whose assignments require TEA certification.  A degree and/or certification are not required.
 This includes but is not limited to:
•      district director or administrative department heads and their associates or assistants •      and any other professional-level staff in a functional area such as:   •      food service (dietician) •      health services •      maintenance and operations •      transportation •      information technology (including but not limited to programmer/analysts, network specialists, data base administration, PEIMS coordinator) •      security (including but not limited to Chief of Police, investigators) •      business services (including but not limited to accounting, budget, Human Resources professional staff, Internal Auditor, professional payroll staff) •      research/evaluation (including but not limited to analysts, grant writers) •      communications (including but not limited to Public Information Officer, Community Liaison) •      legal (including but not limited to Counsel, Hearing Officers) •      textbooks and •      purchasing.