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Subject: RE: Visit about Who Pays, Texas?
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 13:43:53 -0500
From: Matthew Gardner
To: 'Gardner Selby' <wgselby@statesman.com>

Thoughts on reading the full op-ed:

1) What he says about the bottom 40% paying more in Texas than in the nation
as a whole does match up with what our report says. The difference is not
that big at all in the second group, but I am OK with the statement that the
second 20% pay more of their income in state/local taxes than the same group
nationwide. Hadn't thought about this on the phone, but Texas is big enough
that it pulls the nationwide average down a bit, so if you were comparing
Texas to everyone except Texas, the gap would presumably be a little bit
bigger than what you're looking at.