FEB. 24, 2011
We, Epilepsy Action and myself carried out a website questionaire survey. There was no evidence that people were more likely to have seizures with compressed florescent bulbs than with tungsten. One make showed problems at start-up.

FEB. 25, 2011

From: "Graham Harding"
To: "Marc Nuwer"
Subject: Re: URGENT AAN Media Inquiry-American Statesman
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 06:35:31 -0000

The results on 174 respondents were as follows:
0.6% reported seizures to tungsten bulbs
4% to CFLs
4% to 2-D lights ( Used for some years these are the loop florescents)
The 4% reporting problems with CFLs reported problems of flashing on start-up or when CFL was faulty. The make implicated was Philips.
So the risk is no greater than with normal florescent but is more than ordinary filament light bulbs. Since the tungstens have been phased out on the UK Epilepsy Action have not reported to me any problems.