Here is Coordinating Board’s position on $10,000 degree:


We interpret the $10,000 degree challenge by the Governor as just that—a challenge.  The THECB adopted a cost-efficiency report in fall 2010 designed to help reinvent higher education in ways that are more innovative and cost-effective for the state, students, and parents while maintaining quality.  The goal: bend the long-term cost curve in higher education.  Many of these initiatives are being considered by the Legislature and others are already being adopted by institutions.  The question from the Board’s perspective is not “is $10,000 the right target or a reasonable target?” but rather “what can we do to get as close to it as possible?”  The $100 challenge in the One Laptop Per Child campaign is the model, and we are looking for ways to deliver high quality education more timely, more efficiently, and at a cost more affordable to Texas students.