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As many know, we here in Texas have a border problem. Lake Falcon is a lake
borders Texas and Mexico . Last year several boaters were killed by drug
cartel folks from the other side. We are now aware that the automatic weapons used in the
killings were probably from "Fast and Furious".

When Texas joined the Union as a sovereign nation in 1836 we retained the right to have a Navy to ward off the Mexicans
since the United States refused to protect us.

This is our first Naval vessel of this century, small but potent. It will soon be safe to fish and boat on the Lake Falcon this
summer. Just about every Texan is be prepared to be in a gun fight, and you can't have enough guns.

The TEXAS DPS - New 36 ft. Patrol/Gunboat [pictured at the Homer Garrison Law
Enforcement Academy , in Austin ]

Designed and built to patrol Falcon Lake . . . The armaments onboard Include
5 - static mounted [2 dual & 1 single] FN M240B 7.62?51 mm NATO Light
machineguns, 2 - Barrett .50 BMG Sniper Rifles, and other assorted
5.56 rifles, 9mm sub machineguns, and grenade launchers.

MEXICAN PIRATES ? . . . . . . . . . . . ."Bring 'em on !"