Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:23:09 -0600
From: F. Scott McCown
To: Gardner Selby <>

...Here is how we did the calculation:

1) Legislature originally appropriated $80 billion in "pure" GR for 2010-11; 5% cuts have reduced that already to $79 billion, and it's expected to be cut some more with the 2.5% cut mandate issued in December
2) The agencies we looked at need at least $19.9 billion more in GR for 2012-13
3) $79 plus $19.9 gives you $98.9 billion. Figuring in the hundreds of other agencies we didn't include in #2, it's safe to say current services is at least $99 billion
4) Comptroller says we have $72.2 billion for 12-13
5) Therefore, shortfall is at least $26.8 billion

F. Scott McCown
Executive Director
Center for Public Policy Priorities