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There’s been no change. We still consider the proposal to be pending. CMS major issue with the request was the funding mechanism, but it was based on similar waiver proposals that had been approved for other states.


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Hi, Stephanie.  I hope that you are doing well!

We at PolitiFact are going to revisit the Texas Medicaid waiver issue because Gov. Perry continues to talk about it in media interviews.  Recently, he said this:
Unfortunately, this waiver, which presents a strategic alternative to continued reliance on government-run health care programs, has languished in a file cabinet at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for more than two years.

I checked in with CMS again to see what the status of the waiver is...  And they told me that nothing had changed since the last time I talked with them, in April, when they told me that the ball is basically in the state's court.  And they said that they had not yet received a revised proposal from the state.

I know that my colleague Corrie got into this a bit in her Nov. 14 story exploring whether Texas could realistically leave the Medicaid program...  Here is what she said.

--Perry frequently talks about a Medicaid waiver he proposed in 2007 that he says is languishing in Washington. His program would have redirected some federal Medicaid dollars into a pool to pay for health insurance subsidies for uninsured, low-income adults.
But the George W. Bush administration had concerns about the proposed limits on benefits and asked for a revision, which Texas has not submitted.
Though Perry's proposal is technically still pending, Goodman said it would need to be revised "if the Medicaid expansion is implemented" as required by the federal health reform law.--

So, from the state's perspective, is there anything else I need to know about the status of the waiver request?

And just to be clear, is it the state's position that the proposal is still pending?