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1/24: Dave’s Zakk Tyler mornings start 2/4, new WGKA early morning show

The long-awaited Dave FM morning show featuring Zakk Tyler starts Feb. 4, according to a promo that aired at 12:35 p.m. after Mara Davis’ cheese. The show will air from 5 to 9 a.m. The station plans to focus more on a grassroots campaign rather than billboards the way Star is pushing the Morning Mess. “We’ll earn each listener one at a time,” Dave FM’s GM Rick Caffey said. “I think he’s going to be a great ambassador for Dave FM. He’ll spend as much time outside as he is inside the studio. I’m very excited to have an on-air personality who will be out and about.”

Obviously, this isn’t to say Holly Firfer wasn’t out and about. She was. But he might be alluding to some other past personality. Take your guess.

zakk tyler.jpg

I’m set to talk to Zakk next week when his co-host Jane Monzures comes into town. They worked together at the Loop in Chicago.

Since the station went rock as Z93 in 1989, this would be WZGC’s 12th attempt at a morning show.

Here’s the complete list:

1989: Barry Chase.

1989-1992: Chase & Woodside. I spoke with Scott Woodside yesterday. He said the pair worked at Z93 when it was a top 40 station, the very first FM morning team in Atlanta back in 1974. Managemtent thought it would be cool to bring them back together as a team. He recalls that their ratings were moving up (No. 3 25-49 at one point) until management told them to pull back on talking about themselves and shortening bits and such. Ratings went down and they were soon goners.

1992-93: Slats. Does anybody remember him and what happened?


1993-96: The Greaseman (Above, WZGC’s only syndicated show) He was a grating, loudmouth shock jock type who often got in trouble. He split the audience. Some loved him; too many hated him.


1996-98: Gary McKee (right). After a long illustrious run in radio, he was at the tail end of his career and was burned out. He has since retired from the business.

1998-99: Charlie & Company. This was a comedy-oriented show that wasn’t quite ready for primetime.

1999-2002: Dave Marino. He’s a talented guy who was never utilized properly or given room to breath. He’s now doing imaging at 790/The Zone.

moby 2001.jpg

2002: Moby. After a long successful stint at Kicks, Moby simply didn’t fit well in the classic rock mode and lasted only a few months. Management shoved him to traffic to try to get him to leave but he stuck around for several months getting a big paycheck and doing traffic while the “Mission Impossible” theme played behind him. He’s now doing a syndicated morning show heard on country stations in Rome, Athens and Griffin.

2003-04: Mara & Dunham; This was a quick fix after Moby. The pair was just starting to congeal as a team when CBS pulled the plug on Z93 and switched to Dave.

steve barnes 2007.jpg

2004-06: Barnes & Firfer: Hoping to resurrect the magic of 99X, CBS hired Steve Barnes (right) but without Leslie & Jimmy, it wasn’t quite the same.

2006-07: Firfer & Orff: This was a stopgap show, which actually did as well, if not better, than the Barnes days.

2008: Zakk Tyler. We’ll learn soon enough about how this guy will connect with the Dave audience.

This will be the fourth new morning show in town over the past four months, following Project’s Giant Brian & Shaffee, the Morning Mess at Star and the Bull’s Cledus T. Judd show. I don’t think Atlanta has faced this much morning turmoil in ages.

And technically, there’s a fifth new morning show. WGKA-AM, which has relied on syndicated programming on weekdays since its inception, will debut its first local early early morning show which starts at 4:30 a.m. and runs through 6 a.m. starring Joel Aarom. The 27 year old has done their fun weekend “Hub” talk show, with a rotating crew of opinion makers. Bill Bennett will continue from 6 to 9 a.m. Joel’s show starts Monday January 28.


ABOVE: I took this shot of Joel last year for a story about the Hub Show.

“Joel hits the target demographics (males 25-54),” said Jeff Carter, WGKA program director. “We want to give him a daily live program and see what happens.” And if there’s breaking news, Joel can do cut-ins from 6 to 9 a.m.

WGKA’s strongest shows are Bennett and Laura Ingraham from 9 to noon. It’s good to see WGKA finally investing in some local weekday talent, even if it’s well before sunrise.

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By Joe

January 24, 2008 1:27 PM | Link to this

Used to listen to 99x, stopped when Toucher left. Have been listening to DAVEFM since, really like the DJ’s there and the mix of music is good.

I like Orf in the morning, and really like the fact they spend most of the morning playing music.

I guess they won’t be playing as much music, which is to bad.

By atl music

January 24, 2008 2:03 PM | Link to this

when will these companies see that we want music, not talk.. thats all i see on these blogs, atlanta wants music in the morning, not useless talk about people that we really dont care about and even if we do see them out and about the act like they are the Sh*t and nothing is more important then them and there little radio show.

By Stookie

January 24, 2008 3:17 PM | Link to this

Atlanta radio is horrible. I joined the revolution and got sirius 7 months ago and have not listened to 1 minute of local radio. I listen to the music I like with no commercials and the talk formats are actually entertaining, not like the local “wannabes”. I can get Atlanta traffic and weather at anytime of the day as well. It is well worth the investment.

By Rodney Ho

January 24, 2008 3:18 PM | Link to this

atl music: playing more music is the lowest risk, lowest cost way of doing things. And it works on many stations. But nowadays, people have iPods and satellite radio to enjoy no talk or minimal talk. So stations are opting for the higher cost, higher risk personality morning shows. If they work, they can be enormously profitable— see the Bert Show or Frank & Wanda. If not, well, you get Gene & Julie or Bandy & Bailey. I anticipate Dave FM will still play a lot of music with Zakk and adjust accordingly. If people love his personality and his gab, he’ll play less music. If not, Dave will keep with the music. Or start over.

By Neil

January 24, 2008 3:51 PM | Link to this

Caffey claims Zakk will spend just as much time outside the studio as inside? That means he will be hitting the streets for 20 hours. I guess that is the best way to reach one listener at a time. (note extreme sarcasm.)

By BobE

January 24, 2008 5:31 PM | Link to this

Riiight like spending time outside is gonna help. Please, ever since I saw that photo of Dave’s new morning girl with Zakk that was posted. VERY VERY trailor [ark looking showing us her crotch like she was about to pee. (WHAT kind of person poses like that?) Maybe we’ll get to see her out on some street corner, that what Caffey MUST be talking about. Try some class Caffey, maybe that would help. The minute a woman sees a very nasty girl like that they’ll run for cover. Looks like it’s time to but Sa’lite radio. Goodbye DAVE FM. And oh good luck with that ‘one listener at a time’, you’ll be losing them 5 at a time.

By alan

January 24, 2008 6:08 PM | Link to this

I remember Slats. I remember him being funny and I liked the show. His big line was: “I’m Slats, how you doin’?” I don’t know his name and I don’t know where he went.

I don’t remember Gary McKee being with Z93 for two years. For some reason, I remember him only being there for a couple of months leaving rather suddenly after a ‘sleeping all night on a billboard’ promotion. However I could be wrong.

By Jonah

January 24, 2008 6:41 PM | Link to this

BobE.. I am with you 100%. That girl looks like the trash that the show is going to be. I listened to this guy on his website. He sounds like he is a muppet. Horrible voice. I was digging what Dave was doing- music.. enough news and celebrity stuff with the occassional funny joke, and it was great with me. Now, I am turning off before it turns my stomach. I hope the hire ups that made these decision have to listen everyday. Punishment enough, wouldn’t ya say? his guy is gonna have to work to get two in one day- because I am out!

By Jeanette

January 24, 2008 6:59 PM | Link to this

Does Rick Caffey even know what his jocks are doing? I work for a non- profit, and Holly Firfer was the person who would ALWAYS be there to help you support your cause. We think of her as our champion!!! I am outraged that he would suggest otherwise! She is a gem, and he needs to step outside of his ivory tower and check in with us “little people” who are trying to make a difference. Maybe he would see, one of his own was trying too! How dare he disregard her and slight her like that? Thanks Mr. Caffey, you just lost an entire group of listeners.

By Robert

January 24, 2008 7:20 PM | Link to this

What an a$$! I work with an PR firm and I saw Firfer out at events at least 40 times just this past year. As a matter of fact, she’s just about the only person I ever saw from DaveFM doing any charity work at all. No wonder Dave is in the crapper, the boss apparently doesn’t give a damn about his people. But then again, I guess it’s easier to throw them under the bus when they don’t work for you any more. I hope the new station on 100.5 is good, because I think I’m done with Dave. Which seems to be the talk among everyone anyway since they so uncerimoniously parted ways with the nicest, most active, genuinely smart person on their staff.

By Marc

January 24, 2008 9:19 PM | Link to this

It really doesn’t matter who the morning personality is at Dave. They will more than likely be making another change in another year because this has been the trend for this station since the 1990’s.

By Frank

January 25, 2008 1:21 PM | Link to this

Rodney: Are Orf and Denzil going to be part of the Zakk Tyler show?

By Rosemary

January 25, 2008 2:02 PM | Link to this

While I know he usually worked other shifts, I do remember Red Noise doing the Z93 morning show for a brief period of time; along with Marcia Shipley. What a shame such a wonderful talent lost his life at such a young age. Also: Loved Chase & Woodside. Remember Slats. Hated The Greaseman. HUGE GARY MCKEE FAN. Don’t remember Charlie & Co. Liked Dave Marino - good to know he has a job. Moby - ‘nuff said. Liked Mara & Dunham - what ever happened to Dunham? Stopped listening after the switch to Davefm.


January 26, 2008 8:57 PM | Link to this

Orff is moving to late night. Haven’t heard anything about Denzil. I want DAVE to do well but my optimism is running out.

By Erik from Atlanta

January 28, 2008 4:27 PM | Link to this

Is Slats the same Slats that worked at WDIZ/Rock 100-Orlando? WDIZ was merged with another rock station in late 1990s.

What ever happened to Charlie from Charlie & Company?

Dunham was let go when Z flipped to Dave.

By Suzanne

February 1, 2008 11:31 PM | Link to this

I loved Dave in the morning for the music and Holly. I’d even sit through commercials because I knew I wouldn’t have to put up with 20 minutes of idle chatter. It’s gone downhill rapidly the last few weeks though.

And yes, I’ll mention all this up when I get my new Arbitron pages.

By Lynne

February 2, 2008 4:48 PM | Link to this

Amen Suzanne. I saw the write up on the new “team”. Ugh. It hasn’t been the same the past month. I hate it. Gonna hate it even more. I have already started listening to other shows in the morning. I hope Holly and Orff pop up somewhere else, and soon!

By Terri

February 4, 2008 7:24 AM | Link to this

I want Orf back!!! he was great!!!! What is wrong with Dave FM???

on 100, the regular guys suck. the music is good. on 99 with the bert show, the music sucks on the project the music is good, but the morning dj’s suck.

By Terri

February 4, 2008 7:24 AM | Link to this

I want Orf back!!! he was great!!!! What is wrong with Dave FM???

on 100, the regular guys suck. the music is good. on 99 with the bert show, the music sucks on the project the music is good, but the morning dj’s suck.

By Aimee

February 4, 2008 8:52 AM | Link to this

I want Orff back in the mornings on Dave!!! Zakk’s whiney voice was so annoying to hear first thing this morning that I won’t listen to his morning show. What a twit!

I’m now shopping for a new morning show to listen to while I get ready for work.

As for Orff, why in the world did they put him in the Over Night slot? That’s a waste to put him there. His sense of humor, combined with his spot-on celeb voices, ALWAYS had me giggling, and that’s a great way to start my day. Too bad that’s over now.

Dave92.9, it’s not too late to correct the mistake - please bring back Orff with Denzil and Renee to our mornings!!!

By elaine

February 4, 2008 11:17 AM | Link to this

I am new to Access Atlanta but discovered it this morning in my attempt to find out about Zakk Tyler- and Sweet Baby Jane- isn’t that kind of a hokie name. I found the whole show to be loud and annoying- they were playing the commercials and songs several decibles louder than normal. I liked Barnes and Firfer—- I like Orf , Renee, and Denzil…. Why did they move this duo here? I will have to listen to a new morning program or just discs. So sad I have been a Dave FM listener from its inception. Why did they mess it up? I have also called the station and complained.

By Layna

February 4, 2008 3:33 PM | Link to this

I agree. The new morning show is awful. Just plain awful. I liked Holly and Orff. they were funny, they got along great, they talked just the right amount and made my ride to work (45 minutes) so much easier. Today was just painful and looong. Thank goodness for the other stations- I had to channel surf half way through. I might just be a Bert fan now.

By NancyG

February 6, 2008 10:02 PM | Link to this

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the new DaveFM. Zakk Tyler is not my cup of tea. I loved Holly and Orff. Now I’ve switched back to 107.5 even though they practically make me barf with playing their hokey jingle every other song. at least it’s realtively less talk and not as loud. I loved Holly and Orff. I aways listened to DAVE for the DJs. Love Mara and Sully, but I won’t be listening in the mornings anymore. Bye DAVE!

By NancyG

February 6, 2008 10:03 PM | Link to this

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the new DaveFM. Zakk Tyler is not my cup of tea. I loved Holly and Orff. Now I’ve switched back to 107.5 even though they practically make me barf with playing their hokey jingle every other song. At least it’s relatively less talk and not as loud. I loved Holly and Orff. I always listened to DAVE for the DJs. Love Mara and Sully, but I won’t be listening in the mornings anymore. Bye DAVE!

By Sara

February 7, 2008 12:32 PM | Link to this

I want to echo the sentiments above — the new Zakk Tyler show is nothing less than painful. The non-stop talking and that voice drove me to change the station within 5 minutes.